Sunday, 18 March 2012

DIY Sunglass Display.

Pinterest is such an addicting site, and I can literally spend hours 'pinning' and 're-pinning' pictures of hot men, gorgeous outfits, dreamy vacation spots, scrumptious foods, and other fun/pretty things. 
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So the other day I was browsing in the DIY section, and I found some cool ideas of how to store your sunglasses. As you all know by now I love sunglasses, and they are currently just stuffed in a drawer which is not so good. 

So I tried hanging them on a clothes hanger on the wall of one of my guest-rooms. I think it looks cool, almost like a decoration. 
When my mom came to visit and stayed in the room with the sunglass display she absolutely loved it. She also couldn't help to point out that the hanger should be pointing the same direction, how could I have missed that with my OCD? They are now both facing the same direction, so thank you mamma for pointing that out. I also cant help but to get super annoyed with the black ones at the bottom right - WHY WON'T YOU STAY STRAIGHT!

I have a lot of pairs left to get up on the wall, might hang two more on the opposite side of the doorway, maybe two above the bed as well. I could call it the 'Sunglass room' haha. What do you think?

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  1. Love this, I have some beaded hangers which I use to hold necklaces.

  2. Oh my god! I love this! I'm running to my wardrobe right now to see if I have a leftover hanger. What a great idea.

  3. youe room is really beautiful ! i love it <3

  4. well good idea!! :) im gonna try this!

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  6. Wow, the way you display your sunglasses is really... unique. And I agree that it looks really cute.

  7. You had given me a great idea, because i was thinking what to do with my sunnies.
    Thank you very much for this great post!!


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