Monday, 4 March 2013

Delayed NYE 2013 Post

After finally fixing my camera, I found these 'old' photos. I can not believe I didn't blog about NYE. 
Is it too late to share these with you now?

 Better late than never - right?

Every New Years I feel enormous pressure to have/be at the best party of the year. It makes every year stressful, so this year we thought different. 
Our original plan was to head to Berlin for NYE with a large group of friends. With bad planning and lack of communication the plan fell through. 

Now I would say that "I'm happy it fell trough" - we had such an amazing New Year. Spent with good friends, in an intimate setting with heavenly food, delicious drinks, and then dancing till our feet were (literally) bleeding. 

I wore:

Top -H&M
Ring - Swarovski
Watch - Rolex
Earrings - Ã…hlens 

We stared with salmon & creme cheese, prosciutto & melon, and goat cheese & tapenade canapes.

For starters we had lobster (of course).

As a little "fun thing" we chose one cocktail each to make that night. I believe that this was Martin's very 'manly' choice of cocktail. Unfortunately (with my goldfish brain) I can't remember what the cocktail was called. It had cherry liqueur, pomegranate juice, gin etc in it. 
I absolutely LOVED it! My perfect mix of sweet, sour, and refreshing.

For the main we had hasselback potatoes, asparagus, mushroom sauce, and the most succulent piece of meat I have ever tasted.

The drinks were flowing, the food was scrumptious, and laughter was filling the room.

...and the Instagrams were updated ;)

"Time flies by when you are having fun." All of a sudden it was almost 12 o'clock. We hurried to take out the bubbly from the fridge and re-locate to the balcony (which had an amazing view over the sea). We were able to see the the fireworks from Helsingborg AND Denmark!

After a lot of Oooo'ing and Ahhhh'ing, champagne drinking, hugging and kissing we headed out to the club Matt was DJing at, where we spent the rest of the evening/morning ;) 
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Thursday, 28 February 2013

The London(ers) Birthday Weekend

This weekend was my "Sister From Another Mr.'s" birthday. This, of course, meant that I had to fly to London to celebrate with her!

I arrived late afternoon to a very cold and snowy London - I have a feeling the bad weather is following me. Stupidly wearing a thin coat in hope of some London sun,
 I shivered my way to Roses flat. Where thankfully a warm cup of tea was waiting for me.

Rushing all the way from Sweden trying not to miss trains and planes - I always forget to eat and arrive in London hungry as a hostage. (haha)
Rose knows this and had planned the perfect first stop for my London visit.
Juicy, delicious, burgers anyone?
(Read about the BEST BURGERS in London here)

After not so gracefully stuffing our faces with the best burgers I have ever had, we headed back to get ready for the first night of birthday antics.

P.S. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos. I had to use my cellphone since my camera is so heavy.

We took the very comfortable and luxurious Uber cabs to our first stop. 
If you Download the App and put "TheLondoner" in as the promo code, they'll give you a £20 credit. Believe me it is totally worth it!

Our first stop was Morton's

Yes, you are allowed to laugh at me and say "that is so 2010", but this is where I first discovered the Lychee Martini. It is seriously good if you (like me) have lived under a rock and not tried it yet.
Somehow I always discover a new drink when I go to London. Corps reviver 2, VCR's, and Lychee Martini - a nice little collection.


Drinking like 'real' Londoners we had Martinis, Shots, Vodka, Whiskey, and Champagne. How I am still alive, you wonder? Keeping water close by saves lives...believe me.

After Morton's we went to the 'old' China white, and then finished off at Raffels.
We had an absolute BLAST! I couldn't think of a better way to start off this birthday weekend.

FOOD was the first thing on our minds when we woke up the next morning. We got dressed, chugged a cold coke and met up with Phoebe and Carlo for lunch at Bumpkin.

After lunch the hangovers had turned into birthday excitement again. Time for another "Happy Birthday Rose" toast! ...and since toasting with water is bad luck - we had to find a glass of something a little bit more exiting. A Bluebird's flirtini maybe?

I was wearing:
Jacket - Zara
Bag - Chanel
Shoes - Bianco
Wet Look Legings - Asos

After losing track of time we had to hurry back to get ready for the birthday party that same evening.

B Soho, cocktails, pizza, sing along music, a birthday girl and a big group of over exited girls - recipe for embarrassment. I think we sang... I mean screamed along to every song that was played by that poor guy with the guitar. Either way - we had so much fun and this was only just the beginning.

Can you spot my Lychee Martini on the right. (FYI: Morton's Lychee Martini was 10x better.)

After B Soho we started our journey through Londons club scene. 

First stop - Project...

After Project we somehow ended up at Jalouse
For some reason it was extremely busy, which I didn't find out until we had already left was because Justin Bieber was there. Damn!
At Jalouse some random guy "swaged" up to me with his sunglasses on trying to "pick me up". I just couldn't help myself. I had to tell him that he looked ridiculous. After the classic "Is it sunny in here" I pulled out (what I thought was really funny), "You look like that douche Pitbull with those sunglasses on". After turning my back and walking away my friends all grabbed me to inform me that it actually was Pitbull I was talking to. I can't believe I got the chance to tell Pitbull his glasses are irritating and lame. I feel so pleased with myself!

Somehow we magically ended up at Morton's once again...and this is also where my story ends.

On Sunday (Roses 'real' birthday) we got the pleasure of spending it with Roses lovely family. 
 We all met for lunch at Burger & Lobster  where we all had lobster - of course! 
This is also one of my favorite spots in London. £20/200sek for a burger or lobster (with fries and salad)...and don't think that the quality is compromised because of the price - it's great!
 I would highly recommend B&L if you are in London. 

After lunch we went to the Dukes Hotel for afternoon tea.
They showed us to on of their private rooms where we quickly got comfortable (how could you not in a room that beautiful).  There was a constant flow of tea, champagne, finger sandwiches, sweet treats, and sparkling conversations.  
I truly enjoy spending time with Rose and her family. They are such a polite, sophisticated, witty, charming, educated, and most of all friendly bunch. 


What a wonderful ending to an amazing birthday weekend.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Instagram update.

So... I have become slightly obsessed with Instagram. I almost forgot about you my little bloggy-woggy. 
This week has been just like any other ordinary week. It has been freezing cold in Sweden - as usual. I have been a busy bee with work - as usual, *pat on the back*. I have stuffed my face with A LOT of food - as usual. When can something exiting and different happen? I may need a little weekend away. Do I hear London calling? ;) 

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Took a power walk along the beach with the little ones.  All 3 of us slept like babies that night. 
H&M Blazer
Rolex Watch
RL Belt
Hollister Jeans
Rose & Born Scarf
Face By Stefan & Sabina de Pertis
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.  
Oven baked camembert with rosemary, chili, and honey.
Recipe a' la Rosie The Londoner.
Went to an auction this week. You can spot my purchase at the top right corner. 
How to 'fake' the perfect poached egg.
Viva Italia.
Happy with my hot chocolate in my cold hands. I should really wear cloves.
T-shirt Zara
AllSaints Cardigan
Gina Scarf
Necklace & Belt from a little boutique in Amsterdam
The dogs make me go outside.  
Gel nail polish - apparently this should last for two weeks. 
The dogs enjoying the snow.
Me enjoying the snow. Next up... making a snow angel. 
Working into the early hours.
....and of cours enjoying a glas of red with good friends. 

Well... that was a little bit from my week. Let's hope something a bit more exiting happens next week so I've got something more to blog about :) 

Schmappip Girl 

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